Midi CC wins Fair Play Award for second time in three years

Midi Cricket Club has won the 2018 season Fair Play Award for the Blevins Franks Southwest Regional League – the second time it has received the honour in the last three years.

The award, which carries a 200 Euro prize, was presented to the club at the ACCSO Annual General Meeting on 10 November in Damazan and recognises the team that adheres best to both the practice and the spirit of cricket in its conduct during the league and cup season.

It was noted that Midi gained five Sporting Bonus points for a player walking when the umpire was unsure if he was out. In this case it was Midi captain Dom George who set a fine example to his players that matches should be played in the correct spirit.

The umpires compile the data which monitors provision of team lists before the toss, provision of scorers, fielding side on field promptly, respect for over rate, absence of sledging, applause for incoming batsmen, silence during run-up, absence of dissent, absence of excessive/orchestrated appealing and positive player attitude towards umpires.

Next season the Fair Play Award is to be re-named the Sportsmanship Award.

ACCSO, which governs cricket in this region, also agreed at its AGM to revert to two pools for the league  – North and South – with semi-finals and final to decide the overall winner.

Midi will be playing in the South pool with a likely two sides from Toulouse CC and Catus CC on a home and away basis. The long distances involved in playing in one division last season resulted in matches being forfeited and contributed to Midi finishing last in the league. The match format will be changed and will be no more than 75 overs with a new points structure.

It was also agreed to continue with a T20 tournament with pools of three teams where possible. The Blevins Franks Cup with a 35-over format would also be re-introduced with a Grand Final at the end of August as a major sponsor’s event. A plate competition would run in parallel.

ACCSO also agreed to continue with pink balls which were introduced last season with the caveat that teams could choose the colour of the ball to be used on their ground. Catus had complained that the pink ball became unplayable after being fished from the river that runs by their ground.

Most of the other clubs however felt that the use of pink balls last season had been a success – they were much more easy to see and also to find when hit out of the ground.

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