Bullseye! Come along to our darts, pies and beer night

Midi Sports and Social Club darts, pies and beer night

Thursday 22 February at 7pm

The club is launching its 2018 season with an inaugural darts night in Pouzolles. You don’t need to be a Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor to take part although it will probably help you win the first prize. 
It will be a fun night so please reserve a place or places by contacting me on 0607 421 434 or email: reggratton@gmail.com.
The venue is: Salle des Fetes, Boulevard Jules Ferry, Pouzolles 34480. Entry fee will be 5 Euros towards club funds. 
We have the boards, we have the darts, we have the pies and a range of English beers. 

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