Midi CC wins Fair Play Award for 2016 season

Fair Play Trophy

Fair Play Trophy

Midi CC has won the 2016 Fair Play award for the southern pool of the ACCSO regional league,

The award presented to the club at the governing regional body ACCSO’s Annual General Meeting on 5 November in Damazan recognises the team that adheres best to both the practice and the spirit of cricket in its conduct during the league and cup season.

The umpires compiled the data which monitored provision of team lists before the toss, provision of scorers, promptness of fielding side on field, respect for over rate, absence of sledging, applause for incoming batsmen, silence during run-up, absence of dissent, absence of excessive/orchestrated appealing and positive player attitude towards umpires.

Midi has always stressed to its players that their matches should be played in the right spirit and the trophy is a welcome recognition of this.

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